What we are about

St. Editha’s serves the parish of Amington and we have a mission statement. This sums up our calling which is to be:

‘Built up in truth …. Sent out in love’

The worship of God is our main priority, and we also try to be a welcoming church to people of all ages. We seek to encourage each other to grow into a deeper commitment to God and live out the call of Jesus to be his disciples and to develop the gifts he has given us in leading worship and serving and reaching out to the wider community. We believe in the importance of sound Bible based teaching and the ‘breaking of bread’.


Our Sunday services are varied (see services) and reflect the variety of needs in the community of approximately 10,000 people. 


Every year we assess our progress at the Annual Meeting which is usually held in March or April and produce a collection of reports which make up a summary of our activities and objectives for the preceding year.

Our strategy for growth is also assessed regularly.
Our key objectives at present focus on the following:

Young people and children

Helping people find a spiritual home

Developing small groups

Serving the community

We enjoy good relationships with other Churches in the locality and are active members of Tamworth Covenanting Churches, the local ecumenical body.

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